Chinese massage

Tui Na (pronounced Twee nar) is a therapy that can be used as a stand alone treatment or incorporated into your acupuncture treatment. A Traditional Chinese massage that is done though loose clothing to help remove stagnation in the body and move blood and energy through the muscles and meridians.

Tui Na helps to relax the body and mind and is helpful treating:

  • Muscular skeletal pain and stiffness
  • Stress related problems
  • General balance and wellbeing

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Cupping Therapy is also part of Chinese Medicine. Using glass bulbs a vacuum is created and the cup applied directly to the skin.

Unlike a massage where pressure is applied to the skin, tissues and muscle the application of the cups pulls the soft tissue and muscle upwards. The sensation is not painful, more of a tight feeling and the purpose is to enhance circulation, relieving muscular tension and pain.

A favourite treatment amongst some celebrities, cupping is also said to help remove heat and cold from the superficial tissues with specific therapeutic value.

Temporary marks may be left on the skin for a few days after treatment.

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